Computer Support

Geology Contact Information Computer Support - for any technical issues you need help with

University Email Systems - portal to web based email and client based support instructions - spam documentation

University Computer System Status - ITS Systems Status Page - Department Systems Status Page

Computer Software Portal - links for downloading Antivirus & other utilities - links for downloading Microsoft related products

File Backup - register your computer for nightly backup, certain rules apply

The department systems administrator will setup adsm on any unix computer he/she is responsible for on your behalf

File Access

Access file/print shares from PC, Mac, Linux   

To access the shares from windows, click start -> run -> type \servername\sharename

to access the shares from mac osx, under “Connect to Server” use the address: smb://servername/sharename

to access the shares from linux, log in to your account with your netid, issue the command smbclient

smbclient -k //servername/sharename


smbclient //servername/sharename -U netid -W Yale -> hit enter -> enter password

Printing How To

To use the main hallway printers, visit

\MORB = This is the old print server, legacy printers and personal office printer reside on this server.

if prompted when connecting to Morb, enter your user name as YALE\netid and password

Password protecting a department web page on the web server “Earth”.


1 ) my webpage is I want to password protect this folder

2) this is what you have to do to make the folder secret. Every folder must have an index.html file, Type the line below, this will make your html file appear as a file that can be read by the password software.

ln -s index.html index.php 

3) In /home/user/html/secret you will create a file called “.htaccess” Notice the leading “.” In the filename, this is important Use-your-favorite-editor .htaccess 

you will have 2 choices to what you can do with this file. 

Choice A allows only people with certain netid’s into you secret web page folder, Add the 2 lines below into the .htaccess file 

AuthType CAS
Require user netid1 netid2 netid3 etc.. 

Choice B allows anyone with a netid into your secret web page. Add the 2 lines below into the .htaccess file 

AuthType CAS
Require valid-user 

4) open up firefox or internet explorer and goto it should ask you for your netid and password. 

Web Site Statistics

Google Analytics 

Other computing information

Yale ITS support

MATLAB goto login with your Yale email address and then you will be emailed the key.

GMT Data Companion and SRTM Data companion are located on the server Monsoon in the /spare2 directory. If you need access to this please