Book: The Origins of Everything in 100 Pages (More or Less)

November 30, 2016

David Bercovici, the Frederick William Beinecke Professor of Geology and Geophysics

(Yale University Press)

In this book, geophysicist David Bercovici explains how everything came to be everywhere, from the creation of stars and galaxies to the formation of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans, to the origin of life and human civilization.

Bercovici marries humor and legitimate scientific intrigue, taking readers across nearly 14 billion years and making connections between the essential theories that give us our current understanding of topics as varied as particle physics, plate tectonics, and photosynthesis. Bercovici’s endeavor is a treasure trove of science and history, providing both science lovers and neophytes with an introduction to the fields of cosmology, geology, climate science, human evolution, and more.

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