AOCD Seminar Series Fall 2017

Thursdays, 4-5 pm, Kline Geology Lab (KGL), Room 116

about 45 min talk + 15 min for questions


Fall 2017

Sep. 7 TBD  
Sep. 14 Xavier Levine        (Yale)      Land surface albedo bias in climate models and its association with tropical rainfall
Sep. 21 Shineng Hu           (Yale) The physics of orographic elevated heating and albedo-elevation compensation
Sep. 28

Rhys Parfitt           (WHOI)        

Why Are High-Resolution Western Boundary Currents Required to Properly Model Their Influence on Mid-latitude Weather and Climate?

Oct. 5

Louis Clement    (LDEA)  

Turbulence and Abyssal Upwelling in Mid-Ocean Ridge Fracture Zones
Oct. 12

Ed Doddridge            (MIT)

The Southern Ocean response to strengthening westerly winds
Oct. 19 October recess  
Oct. 26


Nov. 2

Wanying Kang (Harvard)

The teleconnection between Madden-Julian-Oscillation and Sudden Stratospheric Warming

Nov. 9 Honghai Zhang   (GFDL)

Robustness of Decadal Anthropogenic Precipitation Changes Projected for the 21st Century

Nov. 16

Chris Kruse (Yale)

Transient, broad-spectrum mountain wave dynamics and their current parameterization
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving recess  
Nov. 30 Lauren Kuntz (Harvard) The Pacific Ventilated Thermocline and its Influence on Equatorial Circulation and Global Temperatures
Dec. 7

Qing Li                 (Brown)

Langmuir turbulence and its effect on global climate
Dec. 14 AGU Fall Meeting