AOCD Seminars 2023-24

Fall 2023

For the seminar zoom link, contact  Jacob Stuivenvolt-Allen (jacob [dot] stuivenvolt-allen [at] yale [dot] edu).

In-person/hybrid talks take place in Kline Geology Laboratory Rm. 101/102 (Tea Room).

Sept. 21

Mark Hammond

Mapping Exoplanets to Understand Global Circulation
Sept. 28

Ilai Guendelman

Seasonal Effects on Planetary Climate
Oct. 05

Zachary Labe
Princeton / GFDL

Using Explainable Machine Learning to Evaluate Climate Change Projections
Oct. 12

Seoyeon Kim
Seoul National University

Hadley Cell in a Cold Climate and its Implication to CO2 Removal World
Oct. 26

Emily Ball
University of Bristol

Mixing in Mars’s atmosphere: could it contribute to the formation of polar layered deposits? 
Nov. 02

Angel Adames-Corraliza
University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Profound Impact that Water Vapor has in Tropical Weather Systems
Nov. 09

Christine Baker
North Carolina State University / Stanford

Eddy Processes Driven by Breaking Waves in a Directional Wave Basin
Nov. 16

Robert (R.J.) Graham
University of Chicago

Nov. 30

Yue Dong
University of Colorado Boulder / CIRES