AOCD Spring 2021

Spring 2021

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Feb. 11

Christopher Terai
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Early results from E3SM’s storm-resolving global atmosphere model

Feb. 18 Ulla Heede
Yale University
The past, the future, and the aerosols: Pacific climate change in CMIP6
Feb.  25 Spencer A. Hill
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
A new perspective on the ascending and descending edges of the Hadley cells
Mar. 4 

Weixuan (Rosa) Xu
Brown University

The Andes and the ENSO statistics correction
Mar. 11

Samantha Ballard
University of Miami

Investigations of Satellite-Observed, In Situ-Measured, and Model-Simulated Land-Air-Sea Boundary Layer Physics
Mar. 18 Lenka Novak
California Institute of Technology
Seasonal cycle of wind storms
Mar. 25 Yi Zhang
Princeton University
Atmospheric Dynamical Constraints on Tropical Precipitation and Heat Stress under Climate Change
Apr. 1 Madison Smith
University of Washington
Coupled changes in the upper ocean & sea ice in the Arctic Ocean
Apr. 8 No Seminar
(Forth break day)
Apr. 15 Lina Boljka
University of Bergen
(Stratosphere-troposphere interaction)
Apr. 22 Ben Kravitz
Indiana University
Uncertainties in Stratospheric Sulfate Aerosol Geoengineering
(co-hosted by Seminar Series on Carbon and Climate)
Apr. 29 Mukund Gupta
California Institute of Technology
Ocean / sea-ice interactions at the mesoscale: implications for ice melt
May. 6 William Seviour
University of Exeter
The polar vortices of Mars and Titan

* Titles encapsulated in parentheses are tentative.