ENERGY STUDIES Instructions for Applicants


The deadline for submitting applications to Energy Studies for Fall 2019 enrollment is Monday, November 4, 2019. Follow the instructions on the Application Form available at the link below. A schedule of information sessions for the MAPs, to be held before the deadline, will be announced by the Dean’s office.


Enrollment in Energy Studies is normally open to students in the fall of sophomore year. Juniors or seniors wishing to apply for late enrollment in Energy Studies should e-mail the program director (, including a completed application form which can be dowloaded at the link below. 


A new optional gateway course for Energy Studies (ENRG 300, Topics in World Energy) is being developed for the Fall 2020 term. The new course will provide an introduction to the multidisciplinary study of energy in the modern world, focusing on the social interplay of science, technology, policy, and economics. Knowledge of basic energy science at the level of APHY 100, Energy Technology and Society, or an equivalent course in Track 1, will be required for ENRG 300. The course is also intended to help students develop topics for capstone projects. Ideas for on-campus projects will be coordinated with the Yale Carbon Charge and Yale Office of Sustainability. All Energy Studies scholars entering their junior year will be encouraged to take ENRG 300, but it will not be required to complete the program.