EPS Colloquium: Fall 2021

*September 8: Pincelli Hull (Yale University), “Some like it hot: tropical temperatures and heat stress over the last 95 million years”

September 15: Simone Marchi (Southwest Research Institute), “Earth’s wild years: how large collisions shaped the early Earth”

*September 22: Eleanour Snow (USGS), “Education, outreach, mentoring, diversity: a path through academia to public service”

*September 29: Nick Lutsko (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), “Controls on temperature and heat stress extremes”

October 6: Kerry Emanuel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Evidence for increasing tropical cyclone activity in the North Atlantic region over the 20th century”

October 13: No Colloquium (GSA)

October 20: No Colloquium (October Break)

*October 27: Lijun Liu (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), “From plate subduction to continental evolution: some insights from data-oriented numerical simulations”

November 3: Alicia Cruz-Uribe (University of Maine), “Sulfur isotopes in subduction zones and the global sulfur cycle”

November 10: Dalton Hardisty (Michigan State University), “Modern marine iodine cycling and implications for ancient oxygen minimum zones”

*November 17: Tripti Bhattacharya (Syracuse University), “Molecular approaches to understanding Pliocene subtropical hydroclimate”

November 24: No Colloquium (November Break)

December 1: No Colloquium

December 8: Michelle Stocker (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), “Evolutionary experimentation: Reevaluating the Triassic Period and the beginning of the Age of Dinosaurs”

*denotes talks given only via Zoom. All other talks will be given in person with options for remote participation.