G&G Colloquium Spring 2017

Jan. 18th

Bing Shen

Peking University

Marine sulfur cycle and the Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth (Abstract)

Feb. 1st    

Ken Kodama

Lehigh University

High-Resolution Rock Magnetic Cyclostratigraphy and the Duration of the Shuram C-isotope Excursion (Abstract)

Feb. 8th

Roy Plotnick 

University of Illinois at Chicago

Using Voids to Fill the Gaps: The Stratigraphic and Paleontological Record of Caves (Abstract)

Feb. 15th

Philip Skemer

Washington University in St-Louis

Rock Deformation at Plate Boundaries: The Long Path to Steady State (Abstract)

Feb. 22nd

John Hutchinson

Royal Veterinary College

March 1st

Bruce Sutherland

University of Alberta

From River Mouth to Ocean Deep: Where do Sediments Sediment? (Abstract)

March 8th

Lawrence Coogan

University of Victoria

The long-term carbon cycle revisited

March 15th22nd

Spring Break (no talks)

March 27th

Jeremy Caves

ETH Zürich

Cenozoic uplift and climate in Asia: Insights from stable carbon and oxygen isotopes (Abstract)

March 29th

Henry Fricke

Colorado College

Grab-bag geochemistry of the Kaiparowits Formation in southern Utah: How analyzing whatever you can reveals a complex picture of floodplain hydrology, carbon cycling, forest structure, and dinosaur behavior during the Late Cretaceous (Abstract)

April 5th

Sara Pruss

Smith College

Life After a Snowball Earth: The Emerging Fossil Record of the Cryogenian Period (Abstract)

April 12th

Chris Marone

Penn State

April 19th

Derek Vance

ETH Zürich

Metal isotopes in oceanography and paleoceanography: what are they good for? (Abstract)

April 21th

Shang-Ping Xie

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics of Regional Climate Change (Abstract)

Please address inquiries to the colloquium committee (Email: colloquium@earth.geology.yale.edu).

AOCD: Yana BebievaChris Kruse Geochemistry: Robin CanavanJames Super Geophysics: Kierstin Daviau, Neala Creasy Paleontology:  Janet BurkeHolger Petermann Tectonics: Eric BellefroidDuncan Keller
Faculty: Kanani Lee, Bhart-Anjan Bhullar