G&G Undergraduate Prize Recipients

Here is a list of recent G&G undergraduate prize recipients!

William R. Belknap Prize “to a senior for excellence in geological studies”

2017 Lily Hahn; 2016 Maya Midzik and Astrid Pacini; 2015 Leah Campbell and Tierney Larson; 2014 Wendy DeWolf and William Gearty; 2013 Anthony Fragoso and Jennifer Kasbohm; 2012 Joseph O’Rourke; 2011 Natasha Vitek; 2010 Lee Christoffersen; 2009 Claire Bucholz; 2008 Elizabeth Wong; 2006 Anthony Didlake Jr. and Catherine Izard; 2005 Peter Isaacson; 2004 Martha Bell; 2002 David Weinreb; 2001 Daniel MacPhee and Abigail Spieler; 2000 Matthew Jackson

Pat Wilde Prize “for excellence in marine geology and oceanography”

2017 Adam Sokol; 2016 Paige Breen and Jane Smyth; 2015 Johanna Press; 2014 Sarah Ditchek and Emily Farr; 2013 Eli Mitchell-Larson; 2012 Margaret McCall and Rick Russotto; 2011 Chelsea Willett; 2010 Sarah Dewey; 2009 Nathaniel Wilson; 2006 Sara Enders; 2005 Elizabeth Sims; 2004 John Williams; 2002 Michael Gutner; 2001 Deborah Liptzin; 2000 J. Michael Beman

Samuel Lewis Penfield Prize “for proficiency in mineralogy”

2017 Peter Mahony; 2016 XinXin Xu; 2015 (no prize given); 2014 Rain Tsong; 2013 Philippa Stoddard; 2012 Jennifer Kasbohm; 2011 Joseph O’Rourke; 2010 Lee Christoffersen; 2009 Abigail Fraeman; 2008 Ian Rose; 2006 Claire Bucholz; 2005 Kristin Anderson; 2004 Peter Isaacson; 2003 Kathryn Henderson; 2002 Elizabeth Donald; 2001 Victoria Lee; 2000 Matthew Runkle and Abigail Spieler

Hammer Prize “for excellence in the oral presentation of the Senior Thesis”

2017 Juan Aragon and Adam Sokol; 2016 Eva Hoffman, Maya Midzik and Jane Smyth; 2015 Tierney Larson; 2014 Sarah Ditchek and Emily Farr and Allegra Gordon; 2013 Anthony Fragoso and Eli Mitchell-Larson; 2012 Margaret McCall and Joseph O’Rourke; 2011 Roxanne Carini; 2010 Lee Christoffersen and Sophia Merrifield; 2009 Claire Bucholz and Nathaniel Wilson; 2008 Elizabeth Wong; 2006 Anthony Didlake Jr. and Catherine Izard; 2005 John Williams; 2004 Jeanine Mohammed; 2002 Victoria Lee and David Weinreb; 2001 Deborah Liptzin and Richard Wildman; 2000 Matthew Jackson

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