IGCP Conferences and Field Trips


May 14-17

Geological Association of Canada/Mineralogical Association of Canada (GAC/MAC) Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada

May 23-26

Spring AGU, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

June 13-18

Penrose Conference: When did plate tectonics begin on Earth? Theoretical and empirical constraints, Lander, Wyoming, USA

July 2-6

Australian Earth Sciences Convention, Melbourne, Australia

July 3-5

21st Colloquium on African Geology, Maputo, Mozambique

July 24-August 2

International Basement Tectonics Association 18th Meeting, Irkutsk, Russia (first circular)

September 3-8

Brazilian Geological Congress, Aracaju, Brazil

September 9-20

The Palaeproterozoic record of the Sao Francisco craton, Brazil, (field guide and abstracts)

October 22-25

Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

December 11-12

International Association for Gondwana Research, Annual Convention & International Symposium, Hong Kong


May 22-25

AGU Joint Assembly, Acapulco, Mexico

May 23-27

GAC/MAC Annual Meeting, Yellowknife, Canada (more information on interesting field trips and sessions


Pulse of the Earth NUNA Conference, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.  Contact Wouter Bleeker for more information

September 24-30

Ores & Orogenesis: Circum-Pacific Tectonics, Geologic Evolution, and Ore Deposits, Tucson, Arizona, USA

October 28-31

Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, USA


May 26-28

GAC/MAC Annual Meeting, Quebec, Canada


International Geological Congress, Oslo, Norway