Dana Club

DanaMission Statement:

The Dana Club serves a dual purpose in 1) acting as a liaison between the graduate students and the department administration and faculty and 2) organizing social events for graduate students (movie nights, the annual Harvard-Yale tailgate and department skit, summer BBQs, etc.). The Dana Club is funded by the Bateman Foundation and enjoys some departmental support in addition to student donations and fundraisers. The Dana Club thrives on student involvement and encourages students to provide suggestions for events. Some examples of student-suggested events that have been organized and/or funded by the Dana Club in recent years include: an annual ski trip to Killington, Vermont; Halloween parties; wine and cheese tastings; and an International Potluck.  All graduate students are automatically members of the Dana Club; there are no registration fees or membership dues.

Officers of the Dana Club serve for one year and are third year graduate students elected by the student body at the end of the previous academic year. The President serves as the primary liaison between the graduate students and the department. The Vice President oversees department jobs and serves as the primary event coordinator. The Treasurer manages the Dana Club budget.

Current Officers:

Ashley Arroyo, Elizabeth Bailey, Co-Presidents 

Liz Brabson, Treasurer

History of the Department

“Rummaging through the Attic; or, A brief history of the geological sciences at Yale”

Dana Club Meeting Minutes

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