Paleomagnetic Laboratory

Paleomagnetic LaboratoryThe Yale Paleomagnetic Laboratory includes a three-layer magnetostatic shield attenuating the ambient magnetic field to <300nT throughout a walk-in working space, a cryogenic DC-SQuID magnetometer with automated sample-changing device capable of performing three-axis measurements on 180 samples successively between user computer inputs, three shielded ASC furnaces with controlled-atmosphere capability (one with auxiliary magnetic coil for paleointensity experiments), in-line automated two-axis static alternating-field (AF) coils and separate Molspin tumbler AF demagnetizer, in-line automated rock-magnetic apparatuses including an isothermal-remanent magnetization (IRM) pulse coil and bulk susceptibility bridge, and an AGICO KLY-4S anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) system with attachments for measuring bulk susceptibility through the temperature range 100-1000°K. 

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