Atmosphere, Oceans, Climate Dynamics

Atmosphere, Oceans, Climate Dynamics

Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics (AOCD) has a long history at Yale, encompassing a wide range of theoretical, observational, and experimental research on geophysical fluid dynamics and climate. The AOCD group focuses on fundamental problems of atmospheric physics and dynamics, physical oceanography, climate variability, and the physics of ice. Our position at Yale, straddling departmental boundaries and interests, facilitates synergies in the study of weather and climate variability on time scales extending out to millions of years.

Faculty in the core areas of AOCD include: 

  • Alexey Fedorov (ocean and climate dynamics, physical oceanography)

  • Juan Lora (atmosphere and climate dynamics, planetary climates)

  • Ron Smith (geophysical fluid dynamics, meteorology, remote sensing)

  • Mary-Louise Timmermans (ocean dynamics, Arctic climate)

  • John Wettlaufer (applied mathematics, fluid dynamics, ice physics, statistical physics, theory of climate)

Faculty have connections with numerous research facilities:

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