Qualifying Presentation Schedule

2022 Second Year Qualifying Presentations

Jingjun Liu
Monday, April 11, 9 am – 12 pm
KGL 226
Major Discourse: The Composition and Controls of Atmospheric Oxygen in the Proterozoic 
Minor Discourse: Novel Relationships between Phosphorus, Oxygen and Biological Productivity
Committee: Planavsky, Lora, Blake, Tarhan, Kasting (PSU)
PREComm: Gauthier

Elizabeth Bailey
Wednesday, April 20, 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
KGL 120
Major Discourse: 
Upper Ocean Heat Content across the Arctic Basin in a Changing Climate
Minor Discourse: A Theoretical Analysis of Under-Ice Photosynthesis in a Changing Arctic Ocean
Committee: Timmermans, Fedorov, Lora, Wettlaufer
PREComm: Brandon, Gauthier

Ashley Arroyo
Friday, April 22, 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
KGL 120
Major Discourse: Analysis of Dissolved Oxygen in the Beaufort Gyre to Understand the Evolution of Pacific Sourced water 
Minor Discourse: Investigating Factors Controlling Arctic Freshening and Sea Ice Decline Using CMIP6 Output
Committee: Timmermans, Fedorov, Lora, Le Bras (WHOI)
PREComm: Brandon

Liz Brabson
Friday, April 29, 10 am – 1 pm
KGL 101/102
Major Discourse: 
Assessing the Relative Roles of Ventilation in the North Pacific and Temperature-Dependent Remineralization on the Marine Carbon Cycle During the Warm PlioceneMinor Discourse: Regional Controls on Marine Carbonate Preservation

Committee: Hull, Planavsky, Fedorov, Thomas, Burls (GMU)
PREComm: Bercovici, Lora

Procedure: Student will give no more than a 40 minute presentation (30 minutes on the Major Discourse and 10 minutes on the Minor Discourse). This is immediately followed by brief period (approx. 5 minutes) of questions from the general audience.


Required: by the Advisor, Advisory Committee, DGS and PREcomm. 

Optional: Other interested faculty and students are invited to attend the presentation and the subsequent brief general-question period.

All are welcome to the presentation.  Only EPS and invited external faculty may attend the in-depth question period.