Qualifying Presentation Schedule

2018 Second Year Qualifying Presentations

Thursday, April 5
KGL 101/102

2:00 PM
Ryan Li
Major Discourse: Investigating Tropical Cloud-Climate Feedbacks with Global Climate Models and Observations
Minor Discourse:  Orographic Convection and Downstream Climate
Committee: Alexey Fedorov, Trude Storelvmo (UiO), Ronald Smith,  Mary-Louise Timmermans
PREcomm: Alan Rooney, Jacques Gauthier

Monday, April 9
KGL 116

1:30 PM
Boriana Kalderon-Asael
Major Discourse: The Evolution of the Surface Lithium Cycle through Earth’s History
Minor Discourse:  A Day in the Life of Lithium Cycle - or How Big Storm Events Affect the Rivers’ Lithium Content?
Committee: Noah Planavsky, Pincelli Hull, Alan Rooney, Peter Raymond (F&ES)
PREcomm: Danny Rye, Ronald Smith

Monday, April 16
KGL 116

1:00 PM
Puskar Mondal
Major Discourse: Finite Frequency Shear Wave Splitting Tomography: A Model Space Search Approach
Minor Discourse: Estimation of the Strength of the Lithosphere from Seamount Loading
Committee: Maureen Long, Jeffrey Park, Shun Karato, Jun Korenaga
PREcomm: Alan Rooney, Danny Rye

Tuesday, April 17
KGL 101/102

1:15 PM
Daniel Gaskell
Major Discourse: Pelagic Adaptation and Migration at the PETM
Minor Discourse: Quantifying Diagenetic Overprinting in Foraminiferal Proxy Records Using Ca-Mg Isotopes
Committee: Pincelli Hull, Noah Planavsky, Ellen Thomas, Derek Briggs
PREcomm: Kanani Lee, Ronald Smith

Wednesday, April 18
KGL 116

8:00 AM
Zheng Gong
Major Discourse: Discordant Paleomagnetic Poles and their Geodynamic Implications: Two Proterozoic Case Studies
Minor Discourse:  A Uranium Isotope Study of the Wonoka Formation, South Australia and its Implications for the Origin of the Ediacaran Shuram Carbon Isotope Excursion
Committee: David Evans, Noah Planavsky, Jun Koregana, Mark Brandon
PREcomm: Kanani Lee, Alan Rooney

Tuesday, April 24
KGL 116

3:00 PM
Bowen Zhao
Major Discourse: The Role of Cross-equatorial Winds and Tropical Meridional Gradient in ENSO Dynamics Revealed by Observations and Numerical Experiments
Minor Discourse: Barotropic Motions in the Arctic Ocean’s Canada Basin arising from Topographic Rossby Waves
Committee: Alexey Fedorov, Ronald Smith, Trude Storelvmo, Mary-Louise Timmermans
PREcomm: Mark Brandon; Jeffrey Park

Friday, April 27
KGL 101/102

10:00 AM
Jasmina Wiemann
Major Discourse: Biomolecule Fossilization - Interactions between Minerals and Life’s Building Blocks in Deep Time
Minor Discourse: Dinosaur Egg Color Had a Single Evolutionary Origin
Committee: Derek Briggs, Pincelli Hull, Jacques Gauthier, Jason Crawford (Chemistry), Mark Norell (AMNH)
PREcomm: Alan Rooney, Danny Rye

Friday, April 27
KGL 116

1:00 PM
Andrea Servali
Major Discourse: Constraints on Seismic Anisotropy beneath the Eastern North America Passive Margin from Love-to-Rayleigh Wave Scattering
Minor Discourse: Oceanic Origins of Continental Mantle Lithosphere
Committee: Maureen Long, Jeffrey Park, Shun Karato, Jun Korenaga
PREcomm: Danny Rye, Mark Brandon

Monday, April 30
KGL 101/102

8:30 AM
Daniel Smith Paredes
Major Discourse: The Evolution and Development of the Reptile Arm and Pectoral Girdle Musculoskeletal System
Minor Discourse: Morphological Phylogeny of Scincinae and the Position of the Fossil Eumeces from North America
Committee: Bhart-Anjan Bhullar, Jacques Gauthier, Derek Briggs, Pincelli Hull
PREcomm: Danny Rye, Kanani Lee

Tuesday, May 1
KGL 101/102

2:00 PM
Sophie Westacott
Major Discourse: Silica and Macroevolutionary Trends in Radiolarian Morphology
Minor Discourse: Comparing Measures of Bioturbation Using Field Assessments of Cambrian Strata
Committee: Pincelli Hull, Noah Planavsky, Derek Briggs, Alan Rooney
PREcomm: Jacques Gauthier, Ronald Smith

Procedure: Student will give no more than a 40 minute presentation (30 minutes on the Major Discourse and 10 minutes on the Minor Discourse). This is immediately followed by brief period (approx. 5 minutes) of questions from the general audience.


Required: by the Advisor, Advisory Committee, DGS and PREcomm. 

Optional: Other interested faculty and students are invited to attend the presentation and the subsequent brief general-question period.

All are welcome to the presentation.  Only G&G and invited external faculty may attend the in-depth question period.