Qualifying Presentation Schedule

2023 Second Year Qualifying Presentations

James Pierce
Monday, March 27
8:00 am, KGL 120
Major Discourse: The Enigmatic Ediacaran: Evidence for a Chaotic Magnetic Field from the West African Craton
Minor Discourse: Examining the Role of Bioturbation during the MesozoicCommittee: Evans, Tarhan, Rooney, Brandon
PREComm: Bhullar

Elly Goetz
Monday, April 10
9:00 am, KGL 120
Major Discourse: Dormancy, An Essential Yet Understudied Aspect of Foraminiferal Biology: Using Experimental and Molecular Methods to Better Understand Foraminiferal Quiescence and Cryptobiotic Propagules
Minor Discourse: Porosity in Ammonia sp. as an Indicator of Hypoxia in the Long Island Sound, USA
Committee: Hull, Bhullar, Briggs, Thomas
PREComm: Karato

Gryphen Goss
Tuesday, April 11
8:00 am, KGL 120
Major Discourse: Investigating Cryoshere-Ocean Dynamics Across the Mid-Pleistocene Using Radiogenic Isotopes
Minor Discourse: Identifying Snowpack Decline in the Colorado River Headwaters Beyond the Instrumental Record Using Cosmogenic Nuclides
Committee: Rooney, Planavsky, Timmermans, M. Tremblay (Purdue)
PREComm:  Tarhan

Silvina Slagter
Monday, April 17
8:00 am, KGL 120
Major Discourse: An Experimental Approach to Reconstructing Fossil Silicification and the Temporal Evolution of Marine Silica Cycling
Minor Discourse: An Experimental Approach to the “Dolomite Problem”
Committee: Tarhan, Blake, Briggs, Planavsky
PREComm: Fedorov

Maoli Vizcaino
Wednesday, April 19
8:30 am, KGL 120
Major Discourse: Assessing the Environmental Drivers of Seasonal-to-Decadal Shifts in Planktonic Foraminiferal Assemblages in the Gulf of Mexico
Minor Discourse: Nematostella Vectensis Bioturbation Experiment SOP
Committee: Hull, Tarhan, Briggs, Thomas
PREComm: Karato

Isabella Chiaravalloti
Monday, April 24
8:30 am, KGL 120
Major Discourse: Mitigating Nitrous Oxide Emissions with Enhanced Rock Weathering in Agricultural Field Trials
Minor Discourse: A Precise Method for Measuring Triple Oxygen Isotope Composition of Phosphates
Committee: Planavsky, Tarhan, Hull, Blake
PREComm: tbd

Kate Pippenger
Tuesday, April 25
8:00 am, KGL 120
Major Discourse: Reconstructing the Mid-Paleozoic Evolution of Bioturbation
Minor Discourse: Constructing Continuua of Climate and Ecological Variability from Model Outputs
Committee: Tarhan, Briggs, Hull, Planavsky
PREComm: Blake

Annika Margevich
Friday, April 28
12:00 pm, KGL 119 
Major Discourse: Pacific-Arctic Connections: Assessing Flow Through Bering Strait in Context with Dynamic Ocean Topography
Minor Discourse: Using the “Early Holocene” to Understand How Moisture Transport in the Arctic Changes Under a Warming Climate
Committee: Timmermans, Wettlaufer, Lora, S. Danielson (U. of Alaska, Fairbanks)
PREComm: Blake

Sam Shipman
Monday, May 1
8:00 am, KGL 120
Major Discourse: Neoproterozoic Re-Os Geochronology and Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry: Calibrating Climatic and Biogeochemical Change
Minor Discourse: Stable Sr Isotopes Through the Ediacaran-Cambrian: A Paradigm Shift In Carbonate Saturation State?
Committee: Rooney, Planavsky, Tarhan, Evans
PREComm: Bhullar

Amy Ferrick
Friday, May 5
8:00 am, KGL 120
Major Discourse: Constraining the Conditions for Plate Tectonics: Combining Theoretical and Observational Approaches
Minor Discourse: Receiver Function Analysis of the Cascadia Subduction Zone: Implications for Serpentinization and Oblique Subduction
Committee: Korenaga, Bercovici, Karato, Park
PREComm: Fedorov

Paul Curtis
Friday, May 5
12:00 pm, KGL 120
Major Discourse: Transient and Equilibrium Long-Term Responses of the Global Meridional Overturning Circulation Adjustment to Radiative Forcing
Minor Discourse: Understanding the Relative Roles of Diffusion and Mechanical Mixing in the CB’s Upper Halocline Heat Budget
Committee: Fedorov, Timmermans, Lora, W. Liu (UC Riverside)
PREComm: Blake

Kimberly Espinal
Monday, May 8
8:00 am, KGL 120
Major Discourse: Detection of Lithospheric Interfaces Above the Northern Appalachian Anomaly from P-to-s Receiver Function Analysis
Minor Discourse: Lithospheric Thickness and Heat Flow Above the Central and Northern Appalachian Anomalies from Curie Depth Modelling
Committee: Long, Park, Brandon, Bercovici
PREComm: Bhullar

Procedure: Student will give no more than a 40 minute presentation (30 minutes on the Major Discourse and 10 minutes on the Minor Discourse). This is immediately followed by brief period (approx. 5 minutes) of questions from the general audience.


Required: by the Advisor, Advisory Committee, DGS and PREcomm. 

Optional: Other interested faculty and students are invited to attend the presentation and the subsequent brief general-question period.

All are welcome to the presentation.  Only EPS and invited external faculty may attend the in-depth question period.