Qualifying Presentation Schedule

2017 Second Year Qualifying Presentations

Thursday, April 13
KGL 226

9:00 AM
Duncan Keller
Major Discourse: Assessing Peak Conditions in Extreme Metamorphic Rocks of the Central Maine Terrane, U.S.A
Minor Discourse: Investigation of Chromium Isotope Fractionations in Late-stage, Oxidizing Fluids
Committee: Jay Ague, Danny Rye, Mark Brandon, Noah Planavsky
PREcomm: Trude Storelvmo, Maureen Long

Friday, April 14
KGL 116

1:00 PM
Peng Sun
Major Discourse: Hydrogen-assisted electrical conductivity of olivine and its high-pressure
polymorphs and the distribution of water in Earth’s interior
Minor Discourse: Seismic Anisotropy in the Upper Mantle under the Peruvian Flat Slab
Constrained by Quasi-Love Waveform Analysis
Committee: Shun Karato, Maureen Long, Kanani Lee, Jeffery Park, David Bercovici
PREcomm: Danny Rye, Trude Storelvmo

Wednesday, April 19
KGL 116

1:00 PM
Sarah Arveson
Major Discourse: Melting Earth’s Core: Implications for the Structure and Evolution of Planetary Cores
Minor Discourse: Investigating the Geometry of the Peruvian Flat Slab: Insights from ScS Precursors.
Committee: Kanani Lee, Maureen Long, Shun Karato, David Bercovici.
PREcomm: Trude Storelvmo, Kanani Lee/Maureen Long

Tuesday, April 25
KGL 116

9:00 AM
Emily Stewart
Major Discourse: Large-scale open-system behavior of carbon dioxide in the lithosphere deduced from field studies of regional metamorphic and subduction zone settings
Minor Discourse: Paleomagnetism of a Marinoan Cap Carbonate, Namibia
Committee: Jay Ague, David Evans, Noah Planavsky, Danny Rye
PREcomm: Trude Storelvmo, Maureen Long

Thursday, April 27
KGL 101/102

1:00 PM
Nicole Shibley
Major Discourse: Layers and Turbulence in the Arctic Ocean
Minor Discourse: Multiple multi-level buoyancy sources in an enclosed space
Committee: Mary-Louise Timmermans, John Wettlaufer, Alexey Fedorov, David Bercovici
PREcomm: Kanani Lee, Maureen Long

Tuesday, May 2
KGL 116

12:30 PM
Matteo Fabbri
Major Discourse: Macroevolutionary and developmental perspectives on the archosaur brain
Minor Discourse: 3-D soft tissue preservation revealed in the skin of a non-avian 1 dinosaur
Committee: Bhart-Anjan Bhullar, Derek Briggs, Jacques Gauthier, Pincelli Hull, Mark Norell (AMNH, New York)
PREcomm: Kanani Lee, Mary-Louise Timmermans

Tuesday, May 2
KGL 116

3:30 PM
Michael Hanson
Major Discourse: The Evolutionary Origins and Development of the Avian Cranial Kinetic System
Minor Discourse: Description of a New Species of Heliodoxa Hummingbird from the Highlands of Suriname
Committee: Bhart-Anjan Bhullar, Jacques Gauthier, Derek Briggs, Pincelli Hull
PREcomm: Jeffrey Park, Mark Brandon

Thursday, May 4
KGL 116

1:00 PM
Juri Miyamae
Major Discourse: Evolutionary Origins and Specialization of Mammalian Facial Musculature
Minor Discourse: Behavioral Repertoire of Mobile Nasal Probosces
Committee: Bhart-Anjan Bhullar, Derek Briggs, Pincelli Hull, Jacques Gauthier, Eric Sargis (EEB/ANTH), Gunter Wagner (EEB)
PREcomm: Maureen Long, Kanani Lee

Procedure: Student will give no more than a 40 minute presentation (30 minutes on the Major Discourse and 10 minutes on the Minor Discourse). This is immediately followed by brief period (approx. 5 minutes) of questions from the general audience.


Required: by the Advisor, Advisory Committee, DGS and PREcomm. 

Optional: Other interested faculty and students are invited to attend the presentation and the subsequent brief general-question period.

All are welcome to the presentation.  Only G&G and invited external faculty may attend the in-depth question period.