Climate Science Courses

EPS 010 Earth, Resources, Energy, and the Environment (SC)
EPS 101 Climate Change (SC)
EPS 105 Energy Technology and Society (SC, QR)
EPS 110 Dynamic Earth (SC)
EPS 125 History of Life (SC)
EPS 140 Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Change (SC,QR)
EPS 216 Global Warming: Climate Physics (SC)
EPS 232 Earth Surface Processes (SC)
EPS 274 Fossil Fuels and World Energy (SC)
EPS 275 Renewable Energy (SC)
EPS 301 Introduction to Geochemistry (SC, QR)
EPS 308 The Global Carbon Cycle (SC)
EPS 310 Isotope Geochemistry (SC,QR)
EPS 322 Physics of Weather and Climate (SC,QR)
EPS 323 Climate Dynamics (SC,QR)
EPS 327 Atmospheric Chemistry (SC,QR)
EPS 342 Introduction to Earth and Environmental Physics (SC,QR)
EPS 335 Physical Oceanography (SC,QR)
EPS 362 Observing Earth from Space (SC,QR)
EPS 402 Paleoclimates (SC)
EPS 421 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (SC,QR) 
EPS 625 Oceanography
EPS 725 Geoengineering and Carbon Capture
EPS 755/756 Seminar in Earth System Science