Alumni Reunion Conference - Earth’s Origin & Interior

Left to Right: Henry Dick G’76, Karen Fischer ‘83, Garrett M. Leahy G’08, Lawrence Grossman G’72, Peter Schearer ‘78, Moderator: Professor Karl Turekian

Karl Turekian, Yale University


Henry J. B. Dick 76’ PhD, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
“It Ain’t Your Daddy’s Ocean Crust”
Dick Audio

Karen Fischer ‘83 BS, Brown University
“What makes the lithosphere strong and the astenosphere weak?” 
Fischer Audio 

Lawrence Grossman ‘72 PhD, University of Chicago
“Minerals collecting on a comet”
Grossman Audio 

Garrett M. Leahy ‘08 PhD, ExxonMobil, Houston

Peter M. Shearer ‘78 BA, University of California, San Diego
“Seismology and the Mantle”
Shearer Audio