Alumni Reunion Conference - Marine Life, Evolutionary Transitions to Land, and Biogeochemistry of Oceans and Atmosphere

Left to Right: John M. Vanden Brooks G ‘07, Dana L. Royer G ‘02, Steven M. Stanley G ‘68, 
Richard K. Bambach G’69, Moderator: Professor David Evans

David Evans ‘92 BS
Yale University


Richard K. Bambach ‘69 PhD
Smithsonian Institution
Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Emeritus
“Changes in the use of ‘Ecospace’ in the Marine Realm over time”
Bambach Audio 

Dana L. Royer ‘02 PhD
Wesleyan University, Connecticut
“High climate sensitivity during an ancient greenhouse”
Royer Audio 

Steven M. Stanley ‘68 PhD
University of Hawaii at Manoa

John M. VandenBrooks ‘07 PhD
Arizona State University
“Future Challenges in Earth Sciences”
VandenBrooks Audio