Alumni Reunion Conference - Resources and Energy

Left to Right: Donald F. Schutz ‘56 and G’64, Michael Oristaglio ‘74, Neil Williams G’76, 
Moderator: Professor Danny Rye, Robin Lincoln Petrusak ‘79

Danny Rye, Yale University


Michael Oristaglio ‘74 BS, 74 MS
Schlumberger Ltd., Cambridge, Massachusetts
“Challenges in Resource Exploration for the Applied Earth Sciences”
Oristaglio Audio 

Robin L. Petrusak ‘79 BA
Advanced Resources International, Arlington, Virginia

Donald F. Schutz ‘56 BS, 64 PhD
Geonuclear, Inc., Orangeburg, New York
“Future Challenges for the Earth Sciences 
Sustainable Development of Energy and Mineral 
Resources for the 21st Century”

Schutz Audio 

Neil Williams ‘76 PhD
Geoscience Australia
“Sustaining metal supplies - the immediate 
problem is a failure of exploration”

Williams Audio