Alumni Reunion Conference - Terrestrial Life, Evolution, and Biogeochemistry

Left to Right: Kirk R. Johnson, G ‘89, Moderator: Professor Elisabeth Vrba, Mark A. Norell G ‘88, 
Julia A. Clark G ‘02, Krister Smith G’02

Elisabeth Vrba
Yale University


Julia A. Clarke ‘02 PhD
University of Texas, Austin
“Eocene insight into the origin of extant avian biodiversity”
Clark’s Audio 

Kirk R. Johnson ‘89 PhD 
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
“Leaves, Time and Greenhouse Biomes”

Mark A. Norell ‘88 PhD (Biology)
American Museum of Natural History
“The Origins of Birds - if only we could decide what a Bird is?” 

Krister Smith ‘06 PhD
Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg
Frankfurt, Germany
“The Perils and Promise of Fragmetary Vertbrate Remains”