AOCD Fall 2018

Fall 2018

Sep. 6 Tyler Lutz (Yale) Spooky mixing at a distance: nonlocal eddy fluxes from stochastic advection
Sep. 13 Hui Li (Yale)
Analyzing Tropical Cyclone-Climate Interactions using the High-Resolution Community Earth System Model (CESM)
Sep. 20 Spencer Jones (Lamont Doherty, Columbia) The global meridional overturning circulation in an idealized two-basin model. 
Sep. 27 Gan Zhang (Princeton University) Tropical-Extratropical Interactions that Modulate Atlantic Hurricane Activity
Oct. 4 Lei Wang (Harvard Univsity) Mean-state-dependence of atmospheric blocking in idealized models
Oct. 11 Tom Beucler (MIT) Interaction between water vapor, radiation, and convection in the Tropics.
Oct. 18 October recess  
Oct. 25 Graeme MacGilchrist (Princeton University) Reframing the carbon cycle of the subpolar Southern Ocean
Nov. 1

Elizabeth Yankovsky (Princeton Uniersity)

Modeling baroclinic and submesoscale instabilities in the Arctic Ocean and how they affect dense water formation
Nov. 8 Robert Nazarian (Fairfield University) Internal Wave Scattering in Canyons: Processes and Global Ramifications
Nov. 15

Nicole Shibley (Yale)

Title TBA
Nov. 22 November recess  
Nov. 29 Ran Feng (University of Connecticut) Arctic amplification in different generations of mid-Pliocene simulations using CESM
Dec. 6

Jessica Kenigson (Yale)

Title TBA
Dec. 13 AGU week