AOCD Fall 2019

Fall 2019

Sep. 5

Vladimir Zeitlin
Sorbonne University and Ecole Normal Superieure

Small is beautiful: understanding dynamics of tropical atmosphere with moist-convective shallow water model

Sep. 12 Takaya Uchida
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Seasonality in surface (sub)mesoscale turbulence and its impact on iron transport and primary production
Sep. 19 G&G colloquium  
Sep. 26 Jim Thomas
Woos Hole Oceanographic Institution
Geophysical turbulence dominated by inertia–gravity waves
Oct. 3 Darryl Seligman
Yale University
Evidence that `Oumuamua was composed of molecular hydrogen ice
Oct. 10 Xiaozhou Ruan
Oceanic Bottom Boundary Layers and Abyssal Overturning Circulation
Oct. 17 October recess  
Oct. 24 Madeleine Youngs
Three-Dimensional Southern Ocean Residual Circulation
Oct. 31 Ronald Smith
Yale University
Orographic Precipitation and Isotope Fractionation
Nov. 7 Natalie Teale
Rutgers University
Understanding Precipitation Variability in the Eastern United States through Moisture Fluxes
Nov. 14 J. Michael Battalio
Harvard University
Regional Atmospheric Dynamics and the Mars Dust Activity Database
Nov. 21 Campbell Watson / Guillaume Auger
IBM Research
Exploring the benefit of high-resolution weather forecasts on the hydrodynamic simulation of Lake George, NY
Nov. 28 November recess  
Dec. 5 Nicole Shibley

Yale University

Inferring Mixing from Echosounder Observations of Double-Diffusive Staircases in the Arctic Ocean