AOCD Fall 2020

Fall 2020

Sep. 10

Zachary Labe
Colorado State University

Refining projections of the ‘warm Arctic, cold Siberia’ pattern in climate model simulations

Sep. 17 M. Cameron Rencurrel
Texas A&M University
Exploring the Climatic Response to Wide Variations in Ocean Heat Transport on an Aquaplanet
Sep. 24 Sally Xiyue Zhang
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Is there a tropical response to recent observed Southern Ocean cooling?
Oct. 1 

Ana Helena de Oliveira Lobo

Atmospheric and Ocean Dynamics of Water Worlds
Oct. 8 Nicholas Heavens
Space Science Institute
Gravity wave activity in Mars’s lower atmosphere
Oct. 15 Duo Chan
Harvard University
Combining statistical, physical, and historical evidence to improve historical sea surface temperature records
Oct. 22 Nicole Shibley
Yale University
The Frozen Frontiers of Our Solar System
Oct. 29 (No seminar)  
Nov. 5 Wei Liu
University of California, Riverside
Climate impacts of the projected slowdown of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in the 21st century
Nov. 12 Laura Cope
University of Cambridge
The dynamics of beta-plane zonal jets
Nov. 19 TC Chakraborty
Yale University
Separating the control of aerosol-induced global dimming and diffuse radiation fertilization on terrestrial processes
Nov. 26 (No seminar, Thanksgiving)  
Dec. 3 (No seminar, AGU Fall Meeting)  
Dec. 10 (No seminar, AGU Fall Meeting)