AOCD Fall 2021

Fall 2021

Sep. 2


Sep. 9

Hilla Afargan-Gerstman
ETH Zurich

On the impact of the stratosphere on North Atlantic storm track and cold extremes
Sep. 16

Fiaz Ahmed
University of California, Los Angeles

The Madden-Julian Oscillation as an eastward propagating Rossby Wave induced by moisture advection
Sep. 23

Pedram Hassanzadeh
Rice University

Propagation and periodicity of the Southern Annular Mode
Sep. 30

Xiaoting Yang
Harvard University

Deep Eastern Boundary outflow into the Southern Ocean: an important eddy-driven component of the MOC
Oct. 7

Janni Yuval
Massachussets Institute of Technology

Physics-guided machine-learning for climate modeling
Oct. 14

Marianna Linz
Harvard University

Oct. 21 October Break (No AOCD)  
Oct. 28

Hun Baek
Yale University

Nov. 4

Paul Williams
University of Reading

Turbulence ahead! Air travel in a warmer world
Nov. 11

Nicholas Siler
Oregon State University

A unified theory of variability in precipitation isotope ratios
Nov. 18

Bjoern Lund
University of Miami

Using marine X-band radar and UAS video data to measure near-surface currents and bathymetry
Nov. 25 Thanksgiving (No AOCD)  
Dec. 2

Paul Corlies
Massachussets Institute of Technology

Dec. 9 AGU Fall Conference (No AOCD)