AOCD Seminars - Spring 2023

Spring 2023

For the seminar zoom link, contact  Michael Battalio (joseph [dot] battalio [at] yale [dot] edu).

In-person/hybrid talks take place in Kline Geology Laboratory Rm. 101/102 (Tea Room).

Jan. 26

Brady Ferster (in-person)
Yale EPS

Impacts of Tropical Teleconnections on the North Atlantic Climate
Feb. 2

Dylan Oldenberg (in-person)

The role of ocean heat transport versus surface heat fluxes in driving Arctic warming and sea-ice decline
Feb. 9

Elizabeth Yankovsky (in-person)

Improving Ocean Models Across Scales: Techniques, Progress, and Open Questions
Feb. 16

Michael Battalio (in-person)

Disagreement between predictions and observations of midlatitude storm track intensity caused by Hadley circulation
Feb. 23

Richard Seager (in-person)

The past and future 21st century megadrought in southwestern North America: the importance of ocean-forced cool season precipitation changes
Mar. 2

Kamal Kant Chandrakar (in-person)

Aerosol-cloud-turbulence interactions: Perspectives from laboratory experiments, theory, and numerical simulations
Mar. 9

Spencer Hill (in-person)

Hadley Cell extent across seasons and the solar system
Mar. 30

Channing Prend (in-person)

Regional variations in Southern Ocean air-sea carbon exchange
Apr. 6

Morgan O’Neill (in-person)

Theory and modeling of hurricane outflow dynamics

Apr. 11


Fei-Fei Jin (in-person)
U. of Hawaii

Dynamics of ENSO Diversity

Special seminar day (Tuesday).

Apr. 20 Marion Alberty (in-person)


Investigating trends in Bering Strait transport
Apr. 27

Jiang Zhu (online only)

Simulation of Past Extreme Climates and the Implications for Climate Sensitivity