AOCD Spring 2019


Fall 2019

Jan. 17    
Jan. 24 Ben Bronselaer (Princeton) Climate impact of Antarctic ice sheet meltwater
Jan. 31

Jessica Kenigson (Yale)

Vertical Structure of the Beaufort Gyre Halocline
Feb. 7 Gianluca Meneghello (MIT) The Ice-Ocean Governor: ice-ocean stress feedback limits Beaufort Gyre spin up
Feb. 14 Yu-Chiao Liang (WHOI) The Changing Impacts of El Niño and Arctic Warming on Mid-latitude Climate Variability
Feb. 21

Daniel Lecoanet (Princeton)

Testing parameterizations of convective overshoot
Feb. 28    
Mar. 7 Wanying Kang (harvard) Climate on high-obliquity planets
Mar. 14

Spring Break

Mar. 21 Spring Break  
Mar. 28

Jim McElwaine (Durham, UK)

How to Snowboard on Mars? 
Apr. 4 Abigail Bodner (Brown) Submesoscales in the presence of instabilities and turbulence
Apr. 11 Dhruv Balwada (NYU) Mesoscale Stirring in Ocean Observations and Models
Apr. 18

Kimee Moore (Harvard)

Using magnetic fields to constrain Jupiter’s atmospheric dynamics
Apr. 25

Jim Zachos (UCSC)

Trends, Rythms, and Aberrations in Global Climate during the Cenozoic: a new high-fidelity perspective

May 2

Ruth Musgrave (WHOI)