Atmosphere/Ocean/Climate Dynamics Seminar Series 2013

Thursdays, 4-5 p.m.

Kline Geology Lab, Room 116

Date Speaker Title
01/17 Campbell Watson, G&G On the dynamics of orographic precipitation in idealized and realistic settings
01/24 Sarah Kapnick, Princeton University Exploring Changes in Global Snow Through Observations, Reanalysis, and High Resolution Models
01/31 Name, Institution Title
02/07 Name, Institution Title
02/14 Xavier Levine, G&G The Influence of Moist Baroclinic Waves on the Termination of the Hadley Circulation
02/21 Name, Institution Title
02/28 Larry Pratt, WHOI 3D chaotic stirring and mixing in an idealized ocean eddy
03/07 Xu Yue, G&G Ensemble projections of wildfire activity and carbonaceous aerosol concentrations over the western United States in the mid-21st century
03/14 Spring Recess No AOCD seminar
03/21 Spring Recess No AOCD seminar
03/28 Neil Tandon, Columbia University Divergent responses to external forcing in simplified GCMs
04/04 Name, Institution Title
04/11 Robert Fischer, Columbia University -
04/18 Woosok Moon, G&G Stochastic theory of Arctic sea ice stability
04/25 Neil Balmforth, Institution -
05/02 Trude Storelvmo, G&G -
05/09 Summer Recess No AOCD seminar