Colloquium 2012-2013

Wednesdays 4-5 p.m., Kline Geology Lab, Room 123

Sep.12 Sarah Stewart
Harvard University
Origin of the Earth and Moon. (abstract)
Sep.19 Sandra Yuter
North Carolina State University
Atmospheric Characteristics of Cool Season Intermittent Precipitation near Portland, Oregon. (abstract)
Sep.26 Mark Caddick
Virginia Tech
Depths, temperatures & durations: petrologic constraints on rates of orogenic processes (abstract)
Oct.3 David Piper
Geological Survey of Canada(Atlantic)
Controls on variability in turbidity currents and turbidites. (abstract)
Oct.10 Donna Whitney
University of Minnesota
Flow of partially molten crust in orogeny and continental subduction: mechanisms, magnitudes, and consequences(abstract)
Oct.17 William Young
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Propagation of ocean waves on planetary scales: where the swell begins. (abstract)
Oct.24 Guy Narbonne
Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
When Life Got Big: Ediacaran Glaciation, Oxidation, and  the Rise of Complexity (abstract)

Miaki Ishii  
Harvard University

Dissecting Giant Earthquakes: Things We Didn’t Know… (abstract)
Nov.7 Mark Brandon
Yale University
Modeling Tectonic Deformation in a Sandbox (abstract)
Nov. 14 Ann Pearson
Harvard University
Lipid biomarker insights to marine export production, past and present. (abstract)
Nov. 28 Henk Dijkstra
Utrecht University

North Atlantic Multidecadal Variability: a Synthesis View (abstract)

Dec. 5 Anna K. Behrensmeyer
Smithsonian Museum
Did climate change control human evolution in Africa?. (abstract)
Dec. 12 Mark Uhen
George Mason University
The Origin(s) of Whales. (abstract)
Jan 23 Elisabeth Vrba
Yale University 
 The Special Role of Global Cooling in Mamalian Evolution with emphasis on Hominidae
 [* Talk will be in KGL 123]
Jan 30 Tim Eglinton
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 
 Radiocarbon and neodymium as complementary tracers in carbon cycle studies
Feb 27 Peter Driscoll
Yale University
Divergence of Earth and Venus: Coupling climate, tectonics, thermal history, and magnetic field
Apr 3 Leif Thomas
Stanford University 
 Ocean fronts: surf zones for internal waves and the implications for the ocean’s energy budget.
Apr 17  Miaki Ishii  
Apr 24 Brian Farrell  


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AOCD: Alison NugentGeorgy Manucharyan Geochemistry: Sarah Vorhies, Shikma Zaarur, Xu ChuYige Zhang Geophysics: Erin WirthTolulope Olugboji Paleontology:  Simon Darroch Tectonics: Joseph Panzik, Keith Laskowski
Faculty: Prof. Hagit Affek, Prof. William Boos, Prof. Storelvmo Trude