Earth Material Characterization Center (EMC2)

Earth Materials Characterization Center

The Earth Materials Characterization Center was created to consolidate materials physics general-use facilities under one centralized Earth and Planetary Sciences center, to offer assistance to all students and postdocs in their sample characterization work. All the equipment presented below are located in Kline Geology Laboratory (KGL).

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Personnel :

(Core Director) Jennifer Girard :   

Research Scientist/ High-Pressure Lab manager, FTIR Raman and X-ray,  Earth & Planetary Sciences

Jim Eckert :

Research Associate, Earth & Planetary Sciences, (EPMA Specialist) 

Zhenting Jiang :

Research Associate/Lab Manager, SEM (TEM), FTIR and Raman, Earth & Planetary Sciences, (SEM Specialist) 

Core Address

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

210 Whitney Ave,

New Haven CT, 06511

For additional  details please contact Specialist.

Electron Microscopy and Analyzes

Ultra-High-Resolution Schottky Scanning Electron Microscope SU7000 SEM (KGL 321)

The center house a new Hitachi SU7000 SEM, recently purchase through Yale 2019 RFP funding. FE-SEM wide-area observation, variable pressure, high-resolution imaging at low accelerating voltages, and simultaneous multi-signal collection. The SEM is equipped with in-situ microanalysis capabilities such as EDS, and EBSD, essential for Material characterization. (See link for more details)

Main Specialist: Zhenting Jiang

Electron Probe MicroAnalyzer EPMA (KGL 327)

The center microprobe facility houses a JEOL JXA-8530F (FEG) “Hyperprobe” - electron probe microanalyzer.  The computer control was recenlty upgraded trough Yale 2022 RFP funding (See link for more details)

Main Specialist: Jim Eckert

Optical Spectroscopy and X-ray