EPS Colloquium - Fall 2022

Wednesday 9/14
Maureen Long
“New constraints on deep mantle dynamics from seismic anisotropy: What drives flow at the base of the mantle?”

Wednesday 9/21
Amy Butler-Remote Talk
“Influence of stratosphere-troposphere coupling on surface climate across timescales”

Wednesday 9/28
Joseph O’Rourke
“The Decade(s) of Venus”

Wednesday 10/5
Martin Ezcurra-Remote Talk
“The origin of pterosaurs: an enigma of vertebrate paleontology.”

Wednesday 10/26
Paula Koelemeijer-Remote Talk
“Insights into deep mantle phase transitions from new mineral physics data combined with seismology and geodynamics”

Wednesday 11/2
Nicole Fernandez
Title - “Using silicon stable isotopes and trace elements to characterize water-rock interactions during silicate weathering from the mineral-fluid interface to the catchment-scale.”

Wednesday 11/9
Terry Plank
Title - “At the Speed of Volcanic Eruptions”

Wednesday 11/16
Mauricio Ibanez-Mejia
Title - To Be Announced

Wednesday 11/30
Douwe van Hinsbergen
“Plume-induced plate rotation triggering a plate tectonic chain reaction”

Wednesday 12/7
Alycia Stigall
Title - To Be Announced