EPS Colloquium - Fall 2023

Wednesday, September 6
Maya Gomes
As the worm turned: Pyrite burial under low bioturbation intensity and implications for Paleozoic oxygenation”

Wednesday, September 13
Dorian Abbot
“Decline of biotic weathering may sustain complex biosphere to moist greenhouse transition”


Wednesday, September 20
Anita Marshall
The GeoSPACE Project and the Impact of Accessible, Inclusive Field Courses on Student Success”


Wednesday, September 27
Jennifer Girard
“ Deformation in Earth’s Upper Mantle Inferred from In-situ Experiments at Extreme Conditions”

Wednesday, October 4
Jun Korenaga
“Where was the Moon? A fresh look at the early tidal evolution of the Earth-Moon system”

Wednesday, October 11
Ved Lekic
“Looking into Mars with InSight”

Wednesday, October 25
Darryn Waugh
“Polar Vortices: Earth, Mars, and beyond”

Wednesday, November 1
Flint Lecture-Ellen Thomas
“Primary productivity and ocean oxygenation during warm climates”

Wednesday, November 8
Meenakashi Wadhwa
“Exploration of the Solar System via Sample Return Missions”

Wednesday, November 15
Mark Caddick
“From Subduction Zones to Jet Engines: Inferring Processes and Rates Through the Lens of Metamorphic Petrology” 

Wednesday, November 29
Susan Evans
“Resolving An Amphibian Enigma”

Wednesday, December 6
Emily Cooperdock
“Does Mantle Weathering Help Maintain a Habitable Planet?”