EPS Colloquium Spring 2022

Jan. 26

Sanne Cottaar, University of Cambridge

Zooming in on the roots of plumes at the core-mantle boundary

Feb. 2

Diego Pol, Museum of Paleontology Egidio Feruglio

The evolution of sauropodomorph dinosaurs: major evolutionary events in the history of gigantism

Feb. 9

Chloë Bonamici, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Oxygen isotopes in situ: Expanding applications in petrology, high-T geochemistry, and tectonics

Feb. 16

Peter Driscoll, Carnegie Institution for Science

Earth’s Inner Core Age and Paleomagnetic Expression

Feb. 23

Christine Williams, University of Texas at Austin

Gaslighted: How the Oil and Gas Industry Shortchanges Women Scientists

March 2

Roger Fu, Harvard University

Novel paleomagnetic insights from complex Earth and planetary rocks

March 9

Carl Simpson, University of Colorado Boulder

Increases in Snowball Earth seawater viscosity may have triggered the origins of complex multicellularity 

March 16

Erika Marin-Spiotta, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Out of sight, out of mind: Belowground response to disturbance and cultural transformations in the geosciences

March 23 Spring Break
March 30

Adam Sobel, Columbia University

The social responsibility of a climate scientist

April 6

Laura Schaefer, Stanford University

Atmosphere-mantle feedbacks: importance of mantle oxidation state

April 13

Mauricio Ibañez Mejia, University of Arizona


April 27

Courtney Sprain, University of Florida

Understanding the causes and consequences of mass extinction events