EPS Fall Colloquium

September 2: Jacques Gauthier (Yale), “How lizards taught dinosaurs to fly”

September 9: Larry Gladney (Yale), “Diversity, equity and inclusion in Yale faculty appointments”

September 16: Maureen Long (Yale), “What lies beneath Connecticut’s geology: New views of lithospheric structure from the SEISConn experiment”

September 23: No Colloquium

September 30: No Colloquium

October 7: Jennifer Fehrenbacher (Oregon State University), “Re-evaluating the utility of non-spinose foraminifera in paleoceanographic reconstructions”

October 14: Daniel Ibarra (UC Berkeley), “Drivers of warm and cold past wet states recorded by lakes in western North America”

October 21: Gabriel Vecchi (Princeton University), “Climatic influences on tropical cyclones and their severity”

October 28: No Colloquium (GSA)

November 4, 9:30-11:15am EST: Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan (University of Cape Town), “Deciphering biological signals from fossil bone microstructure”

November 11: Noah Planavsky (Yale), “What we talk about when we talk about the carbon cycle”

November 18: Rachel Wood (University of Edinburgh), “Tales from the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition”

November 25: No Colloquium (November Break)

December 2: No Colloquium (AGU)

December 9: No Colloquium (AGU; Reading Period)

December 16: No Colloquium (AGU; Final Exam Period)