Frontiers in Earth Surface System Interactions

May 12th & 13th, 2011 


Room Locations and Time Slots

Description: Interactions among Earth’s lithosphere, surface and atmosphere; encompassing petrology, volcanology, sedimentology, issues of natural resources, volatile and carbon cycling, and paleoclimate

Thursday, May 12, 2011 

Morning session 

Topic: Volcanology and Exchange of Volatiles between the Mantle and Atmosphere 

Keynote: Terry A. Plank, Lamont 
Julia Hammer, University of Hawaii
A story of (volatile) loss and (crystal) growth 
Alison Rust, University of Bristol 

Afternoon session 

Topic: Hydrosphere-Lithosphere Interactions and Resources 
Keynote: Frieder Klein, WHOI
Redox conditions during Serpentinization of abyssal peridotite: field observations, theoretical constraints, and hydrothermal experiments 
Dionysis I. Foustoukos, Geophysical lab 
  Chemical and isotopic equilbria relationships for C-O-H fluids at lower crust conditions 
Brice Loose, WHOI 
Gas transport pathways in the seasonal sea ice zone 
Jaime Barnes, U. Texas Austin 
Subduction Zone Cycling of Chlorine

Friday, May 13, 2011 

Morning session 

Topic: Hydrosphere-Lithosphere Interactions and Resources, continued 
Katy Evans, Curtin University, Australia 
The redox budget of subduction zones and implications for fluid transport into the mantle wedge 
Andrew Tomkins, University, Australia 
  Metamorphic Controls on the Sulfur Cycle 

Topic Atmosphere-Hydrosphere-Surface Interactions and Paleoclimates 

Keynote: Page Chamberlain, Stanford 
  Grassland expansion and their role in altering the hydrologic balance from the Miocene to Recent 
Caroline Masiello, Rice University 
  The oxidation states of carbon in the Earth’s organic reservoirs 

Afternoon session

Topic Atmosphere-Hydrosphere-Surface Interactions and Paleoclimates, continued 
Kate Maher, Stanford 
Noah Planavsky, UC Riverside 
  Tracking the Oxidation of the Earth’s Surface.