Thu, 08/31/2017

In June 2017, a group of 12 G&G graduate students and faculty visited the geologic highlights of Japan, following up on the Spring 2017 “Regional Perspectives on... more

Wed, 08/26/2015

For 15 days in August, a group of 23 G&G students and faculty traversed the European Alps and Apennines from Germany, through Switzerland, and into Italy. Led by... more

Thanks to the generosity of alumni who value the learning experience of field work, Yale Geology & Geophysics offered a field program this year. This field program... more

Students from G&G100 Natural Disasters in 2007 went on a field trip of Hawaiian disasters in March 2008.  The trip was led by G&G100 Professor Dave Bercovici with... more

Students from G&G100 Natural Disasters in 2009 went on a field trip of “disasters” in the Lesser Antilles (Eastern Caribbean) in  March 2010. The trip was lead by... more

The Global Tectonics class visited Sicily over Spring Break, braving a solid week of unprecedented rainfall before Helios intervened and enabled the students to complete a... more

Bulldogs in Southern Africa

In July and August, a group of 25 G&G students and faculty visited geological highlights of South Africa and... more