G&G Colloquium Fall 2013-14

Wednesdays 4-5 p.m., Kline Geology Lab, Room 123

Fall 2013

Sep. 4

William Boos

Yale University

Global Monsoons:  going beyond the steady sea breeze paradigm(abstract)

Sep. 12

Susannah Porter

University of California, Santa Barbara

Life before, and during, and after a Neoproterozoic ‘snowball Earth’ glaciation. (abstract)

Sep. 18

Gavin Foster

University of Southampton

The forcing of climate by CO2 on geological timescales. (abstract)

Sep. 25 

Lisa Tauxe

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Geomagnetic field intensity: How high can it get? How fast can it change? Constraints from Iron Age copper slag(abstract)

Oct. 2 

Bruce MacFadden

University of Florida - Florida Museum of Natural History

Fossil Horses: Icons of Evolution Exhibits. (abstract)

Oct. 9

Kai-Uwe Hinrichs

University of Bremen

Chemical signatures of life in the deep subseafloor. (abstract)

Oct. 16

Peter Rhines

University of Washington

Seaglider observations of mixing, biology and dense overflows in the subpolar Atlantic(abstract)

Oct. 23

Joe Dufek

Georgia Institute of Technology

Multiscale Approaches to Geophysical Flows: Deciphering Emergent Order in High Energy Volcanic Eruptions(abstract)                                                                                         

Oct. 30

David Johnston

Harvard University

New mechanistic insight into sedimentary sulfur isotope records. (abstract)

Nov. 6

Shun Karato

Yale University

Chemical composition and origin of the Moon(abstract)

Nov. 13

Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni 

University College London

Slab morphology and density structure controls on dynamic topography and basin evolution(abstract)

Nov. 20

Daniel Jacob

Harvard University

Mercury in the global environment: sources and biogeochemical cycling. (abstract)

Dec. 4

Ian Eisenman

University of California, San Diego- Scripps Institution of Oceanography

A theory for the seasonal cycle of hemispheric sea ice area(abstract)


Please address inquiries to the colloquium committee (Email: colloquium@earth.geology.yale.edu).

AOCD: Shineng Hu, Varun Murthy Geochemistry: Yi LiuYige Zhang Geophysics: Caroline Eakin, Anwar Mohiuddin Paleontology:  Simon Darroch Tectonics: David AuerbachJoseph Panzik Petrology: Jennifer Axler
Faculty: Prof. Mary-Louise Timmermans, Prof. William Boos, Prof. Storelvmo Trude