G&G Colloquium Fall 2015

Wednesdays 4-5 p.m., Kline Geology Lab, Room 123

Fall 2015

Sep. 2

Paul Olsen

The Geological Orrery: Using Earth’s sedimentary record to map the chaotic evolution of the solar system (abstract)

Sep. 9

Renee Weber

Planetary Seismology (abstract)

Sep. 16

Lee Kump

Ocean Acidification: Ancient Events and the Future (abstract)

Sep. 23

Fred Ciesla

Asteroid Collisions as Recorded in Meteorites: Probing the Dynamics of Planetary Assembly (abstract)

Sep. 30

Aaron Wech

Using tremor to track slow slip and investigate subduction zone dynamics (abstract)

Oct. 7

Joan Alexander

Stratospheric winds and waves and their role in long-range weather and climate prediction (abstract)

Oct. 14

Grae Worster

Collapsing ice sheets (abstract)

Oct. 21

October recess

Oct. 28

Martin Brazeau

The Evolving Face of Jawed Vertebrates: A view from the fossil record (abstract)

Nov. 4



Nov. 11

Sean Crowe

Photoferrotrophy and the evolution of Earth surface chemistry and life (abstract)

Nov. 18

Richard Zeebee

What do years 2100 and -55,932,100 have in common? Lessons from the past and proxy validation (abstract

Nov. 25   Fall recess
Dec. 2

Daniela Rubatto

Melt- and Fluid-mediated Processes in the crust: A Microanalytical Approach (abstract)

Dec. 9

Gene Hunt

Understanding trait evolution in fossil lineages (abstract)

Please address inquiries to the colloquium committee (Email: colloquium@earth.geology.yale.edu). Contact
AOCD: Yana Bebieva, Chris Kruse Geochemistry: Robin Canavan, James Super Geophysics: Kierstin DaviauAnwar Mohiuddin Paleontology:  Ross Anderson, Holger Petermann Tectonics: David Auerbach, Eric Bellefroid Petrology: Jennifer Axler
Faculty: Prof. Mary-Louise Timmermans, Prof. William Boos, Prof. Trude Storelvmo