G&G Colloquium Fall 2016

Aug. 31

Rebecca Fischer 

University of California Santa Cruz

Earth’s accretion, core formation and core composition (abstract)

Sep. 7

Isaac Larsen

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Linking topography, erosion, and chemical weathering in Earth’s most tectonically-active mountains (abstract)

Sep. 14

Philip Pogge Von Strandmann

University College London

What keeps the Earth habitable? (abstract)

Sep. 21

Greg Fournier


Dating the Origins of Cyanobacteria: Solving Stem Lineage Problems using Reticulate Evolution (abstract)

Sep. 28

Chris Bretherton

University of Washington

Regimes of aerosol-cloud-precipitation interaction (abstract)

Oct. 5


Oct. 12

Blair Schoene

Princeton University

Assessing the role of volcanism in the end-Cretaceous mass extinction using U-Pb Geochronology 

Oct. 19

  October recess (no talk)

Oct. 26

Imran Rahman

Oxford University

From worms to stars: Uncovering the early evolution of echinoderms (abstract)

Nov. 2

Philippe Lognonne


Inonospheric seismology: From the remote sensing of tsunamis in Earth atmosphere to Venus perspectives (abstract)

Nov. 9

Chris Poulsen

University of Michigan

Rise of the Andes and the Evolution of South American Climate and Hydrology (abstract)

Nov. 16

Ray Pierrehumbert

University of Oxford

The Geology of Exoplanet Atmospheres (abstract)

Nov. 23   Thanksgiving recess (no talk)
Nov. 30

James Rae

University of St. Andrews

Climate, circulation, and CO2 in the ice age ocean (abstract)

Dec. 7

Xu Xing

Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology


Please address inquiries to the colloquium committee (Email: colloquium@earth.geology.yale.edu).

AOCD: Yana Bebieva, Chris Kruse Geochemistry: David Auerbach, James Super Geophysics: Kierstin DaviauAnwar Mohiuddin Paleontology:  Ross Anderson, Holger Petermann Tectonics: Eric Bellefroid, Duncan Keller
Faculty: Prof. Mary-Louise Timmermans, Prof. William Boos, Prof. Trude Storelvmo