G&G Colloquium Spring 2016

Wednesdays 4-5 p.m., Kline Geology Lab, Room 123

Spring 2016

Jan. 20

Paul Myrow

Timing and Nature of Late-Stage Gondwanan Assembly and peri-Gondwanan Tectonic Activity: Records from Multiple Continents (abstract)

Jan. 27

Kristine Larson

GPS Can’t do That, Can It? How developing a GPS seismometer led to a GPS snow, soil moisture, vegetation, and water level sensor (abstract)

Feb. 3

James Doyle

Utilizing Unmanned Aircraft to Probe Tropical Cyclone Outflow Jets (abstract)

Feb. 10

George Hilley

Order and Randomness in Branched Channel Networks (abstract)

Feb. 17

Tamay Ozgokmen

Research Overview of the Consortium for Advanced Research on Transport of Hydrocarbon in the Environment (CARTHE) (abstract

Feb. 24

Seth Finnegan

Understanding the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction: Problems and Progress (abstract)

Mar. 2

Ben Gill

Volcanoes, methane and weathering: Accessing the global record of environmental change during the Toarcian Ocean Anoxic Event of the Jurassic (abstract)

Mar. 9

Harold Levison

The formation of Planets from the Direct Accretion of Pebbles (abstract)

Mar. 16

Spring break

Mar. 23


Spring break

Mar. 30

Emily Peterman

Correlative microscopy, geochronology, and atom probe tomography of metamorphosed zircon (abstract)

Apr. 6

Cin-Ty Lee

Deep lithosphere dynamics and the origin of great unconformities (abstract)

Apr. 13 Greg Ravizza The response of the marine Os isotope record to large igneous province emplacement and impact events: Can we untangle the effects of the Chicxulub impact and Deccan volcanism (abstract)
Apr. 20

Bridget Wade

Icehouse orbital climate variability and biotic response (abstract)

Apr. 27

Stephen Gatesy

The Ins and Outs of Dinosaur Track Diversity: Animation, X-rays and Edward Hitchcock (abstract)

Please address inquiries to the colloquium committee (Email: colloquium@earth.geology.yale.edu). Contact
AOCD: Yana Bebieva, Chris Kruse Geochemistry: David Auerbach, James Super Geophysics: Kierstin DaviauAnwar Mohiuddin Paleontology:  Ross Anderson, Holger Petermann Tectonics: Eric Bellefroid, Duncan Keller
Faculty: Prof. Mary-Louise Timmermans, Prof. William Boos, Prof. Trude Storelvmo