IGCP Topics

The following volunteers are topical coordinators for this project.  Each set of coordinators will oversee creation of summary secular evolution diagrams for their topic which will then be integrated into a global correlation chart for the Palaeproterozoic (see products description).  Our goal is for one or two workers to coordinate each topic.  If you are interested in adding your name to the list, please contact the project leaders and/or the coordinators already listed below.  Contact information can be found in the list of participants.

Atmosphere: James Farquhar

Banded iron-formations: Bryan Krapez

Biological Evolution: Malcolm Walter

Crustal tectonics: Steve Reddy, Alan Collins, David Corrigan

Geochronology: Michael Wingate

Geological timescale: Wouter Bleeker, Martin Van Kranendonk, Victor Melezhik

Glaciations: Andrey Bekker, Nikolai Chumakov

Impacts: Lauri Pesonen, Bruce Simonson

Large Igneous Provinces: Richard Ernst

Mantle Dynamics: Paul Tackley

Mineral Deposits:

     Au: TBD

     Cu: Charlie Jefferson

     Fe: Mark Barley

     Mn: Jens Gutzmer

     PGEs: TBD

     Pb-Zn: TBD

     U: Kurt Kyser

Ocean Chemistry: Don Canfield, Ariel Anbar

Palaeomagnetic Reconstructions: David Evans, Sergei Pisarevsky, Ken Buchan

Sedimentary Processes: Darrel Long, Octavian Catuneanu

Sequence Stratigraphy: Pat Eriksson, Rob Rainbird

Subduction/continental growth: Alfred Kröner, Tim Kusky, Jinghui Guo