IGCP Useful Links

DateView International Geochronology Database: An interactive geochronology database operated by Bruce Eglington (Univ. Saskatchewan)

IGCP 509 Stratigraphic Units Database: A global tectono-stratigraphic computer-GIS database of the Palaeoproterozoic Era, actively being updated and produced throughout the duration of IGCP 509

ICDP Fennoscandian Arctic Russia Drilling Early Earth (FAR-DEEP) project:   an ongoing project to drill across the Archaean-Palaeoproterozoic boundary in Northwest Russia

EARTHTIME: a scientific initiative aimed at sequencing Earth history through the integration of high-precision geochronology and quantitative chronostratigraphy

CHRONOS: A GeoInformatics project involving individuals, groups, and organizations to
create a dynamic framework for Earth history research

IGCP: International Geoscience Programme home page

International Year of Planet Earth

Snowball Earth: A wealth of information related to the snowball Earth hypothesis and Neoproterozoic climate change