Lab - Yale Metal Geochemistry Center

The Metal Geochemistry Center at Yale University is a world class trace element facility equipped with two Themo-Finnegan Multi-Collector ICP-MSone Themo-Finnegan Element XR ICP-MS, and one Thermo Finnigan Triton Plus multi-collector TIMS . The labs’ workspace consists of two separate metal-free Picotrace class ten clean rooms, which in total contain 12 hoods and 12 dry down stations. These include two perchloric acid hoods for efficient total rock digests. In addition, we house a New Wave laser ablation system which may be attached to any of our ICP mass spectrometers.

Currently, we are actively measuring stable isotopes of boron, chromium, uranium, molybdenum, iron, strontium and zinc. We are also set up to purify and measure calcium and magnesium isotopes as well as rhenium-osmium geochemistry. 

Located within the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Yale University, we have access to a number of other facilities housed within our department. The Metal Geochemistry Center is adjacent to the Microprobe Facility, which houses a JEOL Hyperprobe electron microprobe. The Yale Analytical and Stable Isotope Center (YASIC; visit their website) is located nearby and maintains numerous instruments allowing us to conduct most common inorganic geochemistry measurements. The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences maintains a standard sample preparation facility, which contains saws, clean powdering mills and equipment for petrographic thin sections. Partial lab maintenance costs are provided by the department.

The price for using Neptunes or Element XR is $1000 a day with technical support or $500 a day without technical support.

For more information, please contact Dan Asael (Associate Research Scientist). 

lab collage

lab collage