Robert Berner Music Compositions 1952-2011

Volume 1.

1. Elegy-composed in 2006 based on a theme from Francis Poulenc for mixed chorus

2. Etude #3-composed about 1980 to 1990-based slightly on a song by Joseph Szulc-voice added in 2006

3. Rhapsody in Ninths -composed over the period of 1953 to 2006. Title based on great use of minor ninth chords

4. Susan Song-written for daughter Susan’s piano recital at age 7 (1973)

5. Piano Concerto –written off and on from 1953 to 2006 with orchestration added in 2006 and 2007.

6. Etude #2-composed about 1990 for piano; flute added in 2006

7. Etude #4-composed completely new in 2006 to show cello and strings

8. Etude #1-composed from scratch in 2006 as a first test of my new synthesizer-I liked it so much I kept it even though it is only one minute long

9. Bermuda Rhapsody-composed in 1970 on a semi-outdoor grand piano at the Bermuda Biological Station on a moonlit night

Volume 2.

1. The train to nowhere- composed 2007- following a mysterious train, the wheels keep rolling along.

2. Doriano-composed 2007-here I try out a rhythm section idea using tympani and four trombones-the name Doriano refers to the Dorian mode with a Latin beat.

3. Bobby variations-composed 1940 and 2007. This is a simple tune on only white keys picked out by Bobby Berner, age 5, in 1940. It was expanded with additional instruments in 2007.

4. Etude #5 (Felix)-composed originally in 1966 but expanded in 2007

5. Etude #6 (Tensor)-composed in 2007 for piano and female chorus

6. Nostalgia-for mixed chorus (2007)

7. Betty-a romantic song written in 1953 at age 17 and rededicated to my wife, Betty, in 2007

8. Annette 1956-a romantic song written in 1956

9. Ravel’s Pavane-the Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte by Maurice Ravel abbreviated and adapted for piano and flute (2007)

10. Etude #7 (Fanfare)- for a variety of instruments composed in 2007

11. Coventry Carol-traditional carol prepared for Christmas 2006-for chorus, brass chorale and a string quartet.

12. Chorale-composed in 2006

13. Flutemenco-flamenco guitar with flute melody-composed in 2007

Volume 3.

1. Cadiz-a Spanish piece for guitar and string orchestra (2009) (try to identify the mysterious instrument in the middle)

2. Perseverance- for cello, flute and piano in 5/4 tempo (2009)

3. Flutar- three separate melodies for flute and guitar (2009)

4. Romance for piano and cello I (2009)

5. The End of the Game- brass and piano(2008)

6. Romance for piano and cello II (2009)

7. Love Song-in (unusual for me) C major mode (2008)

8. Etude #8- “Ode to Apollo” (2008) –harp and voices

9. Etude #9- “Ode to Apollo II” (2008) –harp and voices

10. January 13- a march written January 13, 2008

11. Waltz of the Pharaohs- uses voices as background instruments (2008)

12. Susans other song- Written for daughter Susan (approx. 1975)

13. Etude #10- uses parallel minor ninth chords with voices (2008)

14. Hyperbolic Tangent- piano,flute,cello in modern jazz chords (2008)

Volume 4.

1. Variations on a theme of Villa-Lobos and Bach- for French horn, bass, viola, tympani and high strings (2011)

2. Melody for harp and flute- (2010)

3. Etude #11- Soprano chants alternating with piano (2010)

4. Serenade for piano and cello- in C minor (2011)

5. Etude #2.1- Etude #2 revised for piano and strings (2010)

6. Katie’s song- composed for granddaughter Katie (2009)

7. Dub arrow- for piano, trumpet, and strings in mixolydian mode with a latin beat (2011)

8. South of Cadiz- for guitar, flute and male voices (2010)

9. Etude #12- a happy tune for piano, cello, and flute (2011)