IGCP Workshops


IGCP 509 held its inaugural meeting in September 2005 in Fremantle, Western Australia, during the Supercontinents and Earth Evolution Symposium held by the TSRC.   Abstracts for the Symposium are published through the Geological Society of Australia.

Wingate, M.T.D. and Pisarevsky, S.A. (Editors) 2005.  Supercontinents and Earth Evolution Symposium 2005.  Geological Society of Australia Inc. Abstracts 81, 177p.


The 2006 workshop The Paleoproterozoic Record of the São Francisco craton, Brazil” took place September 9-21 as a field workshop following the Brazilian Geological Congress.  The field guide and abstracts from the workshop are now available in .pdf form.  Click here to download the second circular, (the first circular is also still available.)


The 2007 workshop took place August 17th-19th in Beijing, China as part of the International Symposium on Precambrian Chronology and Tectonic Evolution.  The field guide from the workshop is available here.  The second circular is also still available (.pdf) and contains details of the scientific program and field trips.   


In August 2008 IGCP 509 will hold its fourth meeting at the 33rd International Geological Congress, Oslo Norway.  Applications for travel funds are due by February 29th, 2008.


Proposed Meeting: Palaeoproterozoic of India