IGCP 509: Palaeoproterozoic Supercontinents & Global Evolution

A complete Tectonic Cycle Representing the Evolving Core, Matle, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere and Biosphere. 2005-2009

Welcome to IGCP 509!

We are a group of over 150 geoscientists from more than 25 countries, sharing a common goal of understanding the evolution of our planet through its middle age: the Palaeoproterozoic Era (2500-1600 Ma).  We combine experience in academia, industry, and government, using a wide range of methods and disciplines to produce a holistic picture of the Earth as recorded by rocks of this age around the world. Our project incorporates supercontinents (still speculative for the Palaeoproterozoic) as centerpieces of the evolving Earth system, potentially tying together processes from the deep interior to the surface.

The project can only succeed through our cooperation, so we welcome ideas regarding procedures and products.  Our initial vision is to compile a thorough database of the Palaeoproterozoic geological record, with up-to-date geochronological constraints, to produce a global correlation chart for the 900-million-year interval.  This will be linked to a computer database and GIS-based maps of the Palaeoproterozoic cratons.

Finally, we intend to produce preliminary palaeogeographic maps of this era using updated palaeomagnetic constraints.  Our tasks are formidable but tractable, and we welcome your participation.

Project leaders

David Evans, Yale University, USA

Rajat Mazumder, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India

Steven Reddy, Curtin University of Technology, Australia

Project secretary

Alan Collins, University of Adelaide, Australia

Web manager

Theresa Raub, California Institute of Technology, USA

Database Manager

Bruce Eglington, University of Saskatchewan, Canada